Keeping your pets safe during Easter

Keeping your pets safe during Easter

While weather is changing for the Easter holidays and Spring arrives in Canada; getting excited about all the foods, flowers, and festivities is exciting. However, it’s also important to remember that sweets suitable for us not be given to our pets and animals as they can potentially cause severe fatal illnesses. Here is our advice on what foods and plants are toxic and dangerous for there health and safety of your pet and Keeping your Pets safe is vital around the many toxic foods.

Little kids can sometimes drop candy on the floor or leave half-eaten sweets where dogs can get them, so make sure they know the rules and keep an eye out for discarded candies or wrappers.

Serving Desserts

If you plan on serving desserts, ensure they stay on the table and away from hungry pups. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs, and candy can be harmful with artificial sweeteners like xylitol, which is also unhealthy for dogs.

Your dog can sneak away with a piece of chocolate. It would be best if you watched for symptoms. It is crucial to contact your vet immediately if you see signs of upset stomach or digestive issues, as well as changes in behaviour.

Chocolate can have different effects on dogs.

If a large dog has a tiny bit of chocolate, the reaction will likely be less effective than if a small dog eats that same amount of chocolate. So, size does matter; the dog’s size and how much chocolate the dog has eaten would cause issues.

The amount of chocolate consumed isn’t the only thing to worry about; also, the quantity of the chocolate. You need to know what kind of chocolate your dog has eaten. It would be best if you avoided dark chocolate, as its ingredient, theobromine in a more concentrated form than milk chocolate. Theo-bromine, like caffeine, is toxic for our pets. Fewer toxins are key!

Alcohol & Caffeine

Many people drink coffee or enjoy a glass of wine at Easter gatherings. Any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages should stay away from dogs. The sweetness of these drinks can be attractive to puppies, but alcohol, caffeine, sugar or artificial sweeteners can quickly lead to illness and emergency vet visits.

Bones are very Dangerous so keep Pets Safe Easter.

If you’re planning to serve dishes that contain bones, be sure to dispose of them quickly. If you have a child at the table, ensure your dog cannot sneak bones off children’s plates when they aren’t looking.

Cooked bones can splinter into tiny sharp pieces that cause esophagus and internal damage. Bones are hazardous choking hazards for dogs.

While it can be OK to give a dog table treats when it comes to most vegetables or proteins, you will want to avoid bones of any type, which will splinter and get lodged in their throat, so be very cautious and check the floor for any droppings.

If you want to share Easter foods with your dog, stick to dog-friendly alternatives.

Anxiety in dogs

If you have company over, ringing the doorbell and going in and out can cause anxiety in dogs who do not like to be around many people.

The strange faces and smells of new people entering the dog’s territory can be frightening and cause dogs to have nervous behaviours and run the door if it’s left open and unattended.

In the lead-up to Easter, it may be a great idea to begin training your dog to be comfortable around guests by inviting them closer to your Easter gathering.

Guests & Door Bells can be Frightening.

Keeping the dog calm when the doorbell rings or when new people are entering the home; start with practicing a couple of days before, teaching your dog to sit or stay when your guests arrive and also make sure to offer dog treats as a reward for good behaviour.

During the Easter celebration, make sure doors that lead outside are closed when not being used. It is best to tell your guests not to leave the door open and close the door behind you if you go out to keep the dog safe. When your guests are in the house, offer the dog treats to reward for calm behaviour.

If your dog is highly anxious and afraid, it may be best to have the dog in a separate room with a radio on, distracting him from the noise and sounds of guests at the Easter gathering.

If your dog does not like crowds, keeping him safe during Easter in a room where he can relax and include toys they love or a bed he enjoys will create a calm atmosphere. Check on your puppy often and leave water and food to make sure he is happy.”

Keep the trash secure

With the Easter holidays approaching, there will be big feasts. There’s bound to be waste. The trash will get full of food scraps with an attractive smelling scent that will be very tempting to dogs and other outdoor animals.

Keeping Easter Decorative grass for baskets out of garbage, including wrappers, can cause intestinal blockage in dogs, causing stomach upset.

Ensure the trash is secured and out of dogs’ reach by placing garbage under the kitchen sink preventing your dog from accessing the trash.

Secure the lid to keep animals from accessing the waste and making a mess. Trash cans with secure tops are difficult for dogs and other animals to access. They are a great idea if the trash is in your dog’s reach.

Secure waste from access to dogs

Leftover foods should be quickly put away or kept out of reach by your dog and other animals. Easter foods are exciting to dogs but can also be toxic, so Keeping your Pets safe during Easter is vital.

Many toxic foods are toxic to dogs, including Grapes or raisins, nuts, Chocolates, Grease, and salty and fatty foods that can cause diarrhea, upset stomachs, or severe conditions if eaten in high quantities.

If you notice your dog with unusual symptoms such as changes in behaviour or sudden loss in appetite, repeated vomiting, and diarrhea, call a vet immediately.

It is crucial to look for symptoms causing your dog not to feel well, don’t rely on your guests to notice he is acting unusually and unhealthy. Each pet parent should know their dog’s habits, how they react around people, and when not feeling well.

If you are looking for safer options for treats on Easter, I recommend natural daily dental dog chews, perfect as doggy Easter Basket stuffers.

Toys & Plastic Eggs Can Be Dangerous.

If you’re giving Easter baskets to your children, many items will be hazardous to your dog. Choking hazards can break apart into sharp pieces and create internal damage, including gastrointestinal blockages.

When kids finish playing with easter Toys, it’s best to put them away.

Keeping your Pets safe.

Nothing is more critical than Keeping your Pets safe during Easter Egg festivities. Dogs are curious and will likely chew on Plastic Easter eggs or try and play with them. Once your dog finds an egg, empty the contents and keep the plastic shell with you. There is no reason to miss a fun dog Easter egg hunt. Ensure to look after your dog and that he is having fun without getting sick!

Of course, you can also hide real eggs for your dog to find, too! If you’re interested, include hard-boiled eggs, they are safe and healthy.