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Contact Us if you desire a Family-Friendly, Kid loving, Medium LABRADOODLES BY CUCCIOLINI IN ONTARIO that is comfortable inside or outside that loves water & snow; you should consider an F1B Labradoodle. Labradoodles that are non-shedding, then you will want to get an F1B Labradoodle (75% Poodle). We produce Chocolate, Apricot, Cream, Cafe, Parti, Red, and Phantom. Labradoodles are intelligent, playful, and loyal. They love being part of the family as it is in their nature. They love children and are naturally affectionate and friendly ready, and always wanting to please their owners. 

Labradoodles are very smart and energetic. They thrive with mental stimulation and will benefit from trips to the park, interactive games, walks, Swimming, cuddling, a game of fetch, and playing with Kong toys. They’ll be happy if you can provide their favourite activities. Labradoodles will thrive in any situation and are suitable for families with Adults and Children.


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