Health Guarantee – Labradoodles by Cucciolini

Health Guarantee – Labradoodles by Cucciolini

The Breeder’s Responsibility to the Buyer

The Breeder will give a Health Guarantee that the puppy is in perfect health at the time of delivery/purchase. The Buyer has three days to get the puppy examined by a Veterinarian of your choice. The Breeder provides a two-year Health Guarantee after the date of sale against any severe genetic disorder that affects the dogs’ quality of life. 

Genetic Conditions

Should a severe genetic condition be discovered that the puppy will die from, the Breeder will give a replacement puppy from the next available litter or your money back if a puppy is unavailable. 

The Buyer will supply all veterinary records to the Breeder of findings. 

Our warranty doesn’t include viral infections, bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, Guardia or Coccidiosis and does not include ingesting foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury.

Breeders Rights

The Breeder has the right to another opinion from a Veterinarian of the Breeder’s choice. 

Suppose the puppy is euthanized or disposed of without a second opinion from the Breeder’s Veterinarian. 

In that case, the Buyer will waive all rights to a replacement puppy or any financial payment as compensation.

The Breeder reserves the right to have the dog Vet checked before offering a replacement puppy or a refund.

The health guarantee is only valid to the original purchaser. 

The health guarantee becomes null and void if the dog has gone to a new person without our knowledge.

Buyer’s Responsibility at Labradoodles by Cucciolini Ontario

The Buyer bears all costs relating to the sale of the purchased animal, including transportation. The risk of loss or injury to the puppy/dog is the Buyer’s responsibility at all times after the dog leaves the Seller.

Suppose the puppy should die from a suspected congenital disability within 24 months of its date of purchase. In that case, an autopsy must be performed at the Buyer’s expense by a licensed Veterinarian acceptable to the Seller’s Veterinarian. 

If the autopsy shows a congenital disability for the puppy’s death, the Seller will provide a puppy of equal value to the Buyer. A written statement from the Veterinarian must accompany. This warranty will be void in the event of an indeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis.

The Buyer will provide the dog with a loving & safe home.

  • The Buyer will ensure the dog receives annual checkups and follows preventative treatments if your Vet recommends them.
  • The Buyer will also take the dog to private training classes by the time the dog is five months of age.
  • The Buyer does not allow repetitive, rigorous exercises during the first year of development and, if allowing the said dog to become unable to move, voids this warranty.
  • The Buyer will contact the Breeder immediately if the Buyer can no longer look after the dog at ANY point during the dog’s life. 

The dog must be kept current on all vaccinations, including rabies. 

If the purchaser requests a replacement, the Breeder needs copies of these records. The health warranty is void if vaccinations/rabies are not received yearly.

  • Buyer must contact the Breeder if the Buyer changes their address and phone number to update records. 
  • Buyer agrees to take the proper safeguards for the care, safety and well-being of the said dog sold herein, including but not limited to a fenced yard or suitable area where the puppy/dog will be safe, feeding and exercise, socialization, and Obedience Training.

Application & Deposit

Interested in a Puppy? Apply to get approved. Upon Approval, you will need to submit a deposit so we can add you to our reservation list. The deposit is $600.00 through E-Transfer. Once the non-refundable deposit is given it can be moved from Litter to litter for one year from the date of deposit. Please use our email [email protected] using our generic Password: Labradoodles. This down payment of $600.00 will become part of the $2,450.00. Incl. 

Always Love Your Puppy 

You are your puppy’s best friend and will need love, food, and playtime. They will always give you unconditional love. Your puppy may know when you are not feeling well and will comfort you as best as he can. 

Ensure to love and protect your puppy 

Labradoodles are very smart and will pick up on your moods and feelings. Just as how we humans have negative days, so do our puppies. Ensure to love and protect your puppy and provide a healthy environment and a happy home. Remember, puppy kisses are worth a thousand words! 

Doggie Parks

We recommend only taking your puppy for walks in Doggie Parks once they have completed their Immunizations. It will decrease your puppy’s chances of exposure to viruses and bacteria and increase its ability to fight. It’s best to keep your puppy away from other dogs until they are up to date on vaccines.

Strenuous Activities will cause Injuries.

Do not allow your dog to participate in activities that can cause stress on the joints, including hips and elbows, that could affect the puppy’s development. 

Activities to not include:

  • Long-distance jogging.
  • Jumping down from an elevated area.
  • Slippery surfaces.
  • Frequent use of stairs and more.

Never Place a Puppy/Dog in a Rescue or Shelter

Puppies purchased by (Labradoodles by Cucciolini) should never go into a shelter or rescue. Instead, contact us, and we will help you re-home. We do not refund money if your puppy needs to find a new home. If we cannot take the puppy/dog back, we can help in any way to find families looking for a forever furry friend for their family.

Re-homing Labradoodles by Cucciolini

You can resell or re-home the puppy/dog to a friend or family member. We require you to interview the prospective owner about how they will care for the dog. 

What if they have other pets or young children, and how their young children will accept a new puppy/dog within their family? 

We will need the new family contact information to update our files and to keep in touch to ensure the puppy is doing well.

Labradoodles by Cucciolini invites you to shop for everything your puppy needs for a great start, including Crates, Food, Treats, Accessories, Feeding Bowls, Health, Grooming, Training Aids, and Toys!
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