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Why would a dog become clingy? 

Dogs are pack animals, so they instinctively enjoy companionship. They crave human attention to some level of closeness—dogs are man’s best friend, but they shouldn’t be sticking to your side at all times. 

Dogs suddenly become clingy and insecure, sometimes for no apparent reason. They can manifest in various ways, including sticking to your side like glue at home and following you when you leave the room; they will bark and cry when left alone and become destructive.

If there is no apparent stress or a reason for the sudden change in the dogs’ mood, then it’s essential to address this behaviour to rule out severe disorders or diseases. It’s vital to look deeper into why your Dog is behaving strangely and why he is becoming clingy.

Why is Dog Feeling Insecure?

Animals thrive on routine, and if changes happen within a household can cause the Dog to feel insecure. Noticeable changes might be visible in addition to the family leaving home, introducing another pet or moving homes.

However, even a subtle change can affect dogs, so it’s vital to consider reasons, like changing the feed schedule or a change in walking or playing ball. Minor changes can disrupt your Dog, so changes should happen gradually, helping with a slow transition.

Fear and Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety are two definite ways that would cause your Dog to cling to your side, as you are their security and guardian against potential threats. Sometimes fear and Anxiety can be seen around bonfires or fireworks going off for several days on a special event, as at Christmas and New Year when you will receive visitors coming and leaving from home. 

Identifying the cause of a potential fear triggering the Anxiety would be great in being able to address and fix the Anxiety. It is best to document when and why your Dog gets clingy or upset and think back to what would have caused your Dog get anxious. 


If Dog is not feeling well, they tend to hide to not be around people until they feel better and look for security and comfort. Check to ensure the Dog to rules out potential diseases that would be causing the clingy behaviour. If you are not sure, it is best to get your Dog checked by your veterinarian to ensure there is nothing serious.

Females in season can cause Anxiety.

If you have a female dog approaching her heat cycle, that may also cause a dog to be clingy and stay by your side. Identify the cause of her being clingy; if it is related to her cycle, it will pass in time. 

Your Dog is getting older.

As dog ages, their minds begin the natural process of declining; your Dog will become clingy and require reassurance and more comfort from you than when they were younger. Talk to your veterinarian as your Dog approaches old age to help make the transition to maturity as stress-free as possible.

How to detect separation anxiety in dogs?

The most obvious sign is a dog that has clingy behaviour that is related to separation anxiety that includes:

  •     A dog has Urinated or defecated in the home.
  •     Barking or Howling continuously.
  •     Continuous Pacing, Panting, or Drooling.
  •     Chewing, Digging, and being destructive.
  •     Escaping attempts.
  •     Being clingy and sitting by your side.

How can you help a dog with Separation Anxiety?

You can implement some things to help a dog with separation anxiety; if you believe he has been extra clingy

When leaving the Dog at home, ensure to leave them with a favourite toy or an item like your sweater that’s scented with your fragrance.

Don’t make a big deal about leaving the house – and try short absences at first to get him accustomed.

Also, speak with your veterinarian to see if there are medications that will help with Separation Anxiety

Take him out for a run before leaving, as it can tire him, and he can burn off energy, meaning regular exercise and play can help create a routine around the Anxiety.

Consider dog sitters and walkers rather than kennels or home alone when you go away.

Buy something like a dog camera that can help you see and talk to your Dog when you are out. 

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