Four Important Minerals that Dog Needs labradoodles by cucciolini blog

The  four major minerals that play essential  role in many metabolic processes and help the whole body synthesize all the nutrients that came from the dog food. These vital minerals maximize the usage of every single food that a dog ingests. That’s why incorporating these minerals will surely keep the dog healthy. Here are the four major minerals a dog needs:

  • Calcium:  is usually found in dairy products, fish meals, and bones. Calcium plays a great role in the muscle contraction, neural transmission and blood coagulation. According to many studies conducted, calcium help prevent the degeneration of the joint and cartilages. Negligence of incorporating this mineral in a dog’s diet will hinder the dogs’ physical activities.
  • Phosphorus: cheap source of phosphorus is corn, peanuts and other legumes. Phosphorus is one of the components of DNA, RNA, ATP and cell membrane, that’s why phosphorus is a major part in many replicating cells for proper cellular structure.
  • Magnesium:  sources of magnesium are rice, wheat and oat bran, and most of these ingredients are found in dog food as an additive. Magnesium plays a major role together with calcium in proper bone growth and development. It also promotes absorption of many vitamins and minerals.
  • Sulfur: Sources of these minerals are beef, chicken and fish which can be found in most dog food. This mineral plays a major role in proper binding of molecular protein in hair and skin of dogs. Sulfur binds to the protein so that the bond would be mechanically strong. Sulfur can be found in biotin thiamine.

Providing your dog a good amount of protein and vitamins is not enough, these four minerals that dog needs will play a decisive role in terms of proper absorption and utilization of all the nutrients that the dog’s body absorbed from the food that we give.