Terms & Conditions – Code Of Ethics

Terms & Conditions – Code Of Ethics

For the Adoption of Dogs and sales of Dog Accessories – Shop for everything your puppy needs for a great start, including Crates, Food, Treats, Accessories, Feeding Bowls, Health, Grooming, Training Aids and Toys!

The Terms and Conditions. Regulate the business relationship between you and Labradoodles by Cucciolini. by using our website at www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca. In any way or by purchasing from us through www.barkavenuebycucciolini.ca, you agree to be bound by them. 

To adopt a Puppy, You must be 18 years of age.

No person less than 18 years of age may adopt our Labradoodle Puppies. If you are under 18, please get in touch with an adult to make your purchase. The full name of our company is Labradoodles by Cucciolini. You can contact us at [email protected].

Our Contract 

As far as the context allows you, as a visitor to Our Website at Labradoodles by Cucciolini, you are the Buyer or prospective Buyer of Goods or Dogs. We may also change our terms at any time in the future. The words that apply are those posted here on our Website at www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca

We cannot guarantee that the Dogs advertised on our Website is available. We will offer you alternatives if we still need to get all the dog accessories in stock. If this happens, you may accept the other options we provide to cancel all or part of your order for a puppy from Labradoodles by Cucciolini

Your Account on Labradoodle by Cucciolini Website

We require you to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about yourself. We will need your information to provide you with the Goods or Puppies for Adoption. When using our Website, you are responsible for ensuring you will maintain the confidentiality of your Account and passwords preventing unauthorized people from using your computer and information. 

You also agree to accept the responsibility for all activities under your Account and password. You will call us immediately if you suspect someone has accessed your Account through www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca without your knowledge and could log in and change your password without your consent. We also have the right to cancel your access to our Website at www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca.

Price and Payment 

We will keep our prices for Goods and Dogs updated and accurate; we may increase from the initially published price. Our prices determine the final cost of a Dog at the date of adoption. See https://labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca. You will bear all costs/charges concerning payment in Canadian Dollars.

Cancellation of Order 

Dog accessories sold online are subject to Contracts Regulations. Dogs Adopted are not subject to the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Adopting a Puppy is a big commitment and responsibility. 

Upon joining our waiting list for an eight-week-old puppy, we will require a non-refundable minimum deposit of $600.00. We will then place you on our waitlist for reserving a dog. If you need to cancel the purchase of the Puppy, deposits will be non-refundable,

Adoption of Puppy

The Adoption of a Puppy from www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca is non-refundable of the total purchase cost, and if you cannot care for the Puppy or change of mind after the puppy is purchased for whatever reason. With this in mind, we will require all families considering purchasing a Dog/Puppy from us must be 100% sure before signing the Agreement of the specified Dog chosen when the new owner takes the Puppy/Dog. 

We will give No refunds once the Dog/Puppy is in your possession and has arrived at his new home. We will help re-home your Dog if you can no longer keep the Dog for any reason. 


Our disclaimer will govern your use of our Website at www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca; by using our Website at www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca, you accept this disclaimer in total, and you must not use our Website if you disagree with any part of our disclaimer. 

Intellectual Property Rights

As stated, we own the exclusive property rights of the Website and all material on our Websites. Subject to the stipulations below, all intellectual property rights are reserved—permission to use the Website www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca. You may view or download it for caching purposes only. Or print pages or PDF documents from our Website for your personal use only, and is subject to the restrictions set below. You must/will not:

  • Republish any material from www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca (including any republications on another website).
  • Sell, rent or otherwise sub-license any materials from our Website, www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca.
  • List/show any material about the Website in public.
  • Not reproduce, Duplicate, copy or exploit material on our Website for any commercial purposes.
  • No one shall Edit or modify any or all materials on our Website, www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca, or distribute materials from this Website except for the content specifically and expressly made available for redistribution as stated in this property of rights.


Where our content is explicitly made available for redistribution, it may only be redistributed non-commercially and must not be changed. If any other person violates or attempts to break any part of the security of www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca. Use any software tool to extract data from our Website.

While we will ensure that the information posted on www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca is correct, we do not warrant the data and its completeness or accuracy nor commit to ensuring that www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca remains available or that its material is confirmed updated to the extent permitted by the applicable law. 


We exclude all representation, warrants and conditions relating to this Website, www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca  and www.barkavenuebycucciolini.ca and the uses of these Websites. We offer no warranty and make no representation, whether expressed or implied, as to the adequacy or appropriateness of the Goods sold on the Website or Dogs for your purpose—the truth of any Content on www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca published by someone other than us. Our Dogs are sold as pets animals only.

Nothing in this disclaimer or elsewhere on www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca will exclude or limit our liability for fraud. 

Subject to liability in using our Website in connection with this disclaimer or otherwise will be limited as follows:

  • The extent that Website at www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca and the information and services provided are free of charge. We are not liable for any losses or damages to www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca.
  • We will also not be liable for consequential, indirect, or special losses or damages.
  • We are not liable for any losses of profits, incomes, revenues, anticipated savings, contracts, businesses, goodwill, reputations, data, or information.


We do not endorse, recommend, or guarantee any other breeder or lines contained in this Website and any linked websites. Individuals are responsible for researching, and we encourage you to investigate the web before making decisions to purchase based on the content herein. You should carefully research your decision when buying a Puppy/Dog. We don’t endorse, recommend, or accept responsibility for any breeders other than www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca. Even in the event their website link to this www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca.

Allergies and Medical Advice

You must seek medical advice and testing before contacting any animals if you are Allergic, Asthmatic, Intolerant or Sensitive to dogs/puppies. There is no shedding in our Labradoodles by Cucciolini in Ontario, but you may not be hypo-allergic or asthma-friendly. No warranties made, indemnities or guarantees about our dogs’ suitability for any Medical Conditions or susceptibilities. 

We will accept No liability for any claim arising from a dog’s adoption and any subsequent medical condition or attack. If you adopt a Dog from www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca, you understand everyday household dust and dirt are inevitable. As such, we accept no liability for any reaction, aggression, or injury due to contact with animals in the Breeder’s home.

We are not liable for special, indirect, or consequential losses. Or any damages whatsoever resulting from the failure of uses. Loss of data, loss of revenues and profits. 

Revise Terms & Conditions

We may revise these terms of use occasionally. Revised Terms of use will apply to our Website. We may modify the terms of use on our Website, www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca or www.barkavenuebycucciolini.ca. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version.


Communication with you will be through email or phone. It’s agreed that email communications are binding, like a signed document dated on paper and sent by post
Nor must any delay in exercising any power or right interpreted as a waiver. Suppose a dispute arises from or in connection with the terms or any contract between you and us. In that case, you agree to attempt and settle a dispute by engaging in conversation in good faith. 

Entire Agreement 

This disclaimer, together with our returns policy, and privacy policy, constitutes the whole Agreement concerning your use of our Website. www.labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca, and supersedes all previous agreements regarding your use of this Website. Suppose any of these terms held by any jurisdiction to be void, invalid or unenforceable. In that case, we must treat it as changed or reduced only to become void and binding in that alteration. 

Our Code of Ethics is as follows: 

A) Our puppies are well socialized within our family home and the grounds outdoors, which are 2 acres

B) Our Labradoodles reside in our home, where they are cared for, fed, watered and exercised daily. 

C) All Labradoodle Puppies are Vet Checked, Micro-chipped and Vaccinated before leaving our home for their new forever homes. 

D) All our Labradoodles are checked before they can mate. We only breed consecutively through one season. We only send puppies to their forever families once they are ready and are at least eight weeks old.

E) Our Labradoodles receive appropriate vaccinations yearly and are checked thoroughly by a Licensed Veterinarian. 

Our Code of Ethics as follows.

F) When you purchase a puppy from Labradoodles by Cucciolini, you are provided with complete details of the food they are eating, potty schedule, crate training, socializing your Puppy and more. We also invite you to our newly designed Website to provide you access to thousands of products that your new Puppy will need at www.barkavenuebycucciolini.ca

G) Also provided is an up-to-date Immunization record detailing all vaccines and de-worming that puppies have received. It will also include giving detailed instructions next appointments needed to help you stay organized and ensure your forever Puppy will be healthy for years to come. 

H) We will secure your Puppy with our Heath Warranty Contact. It will give you peace of mind to know we are available anytime you have concerns or need any questions answered; we ensure that all our puppies receive the utmost care within their new home. We will always guide you as to the best possible way to keep our fur babies Happy and, most of all, Healthy. 

I) Within our Contact, we advise the buyer to take the puppy/dog to a Veterinarian for a general health check within three days of purchase. The checkup and tests or examinations associated with this exam are the buyer’s responsibility at their own expense. 

Suppose the Veterinary or Specialist discovers any problems which would make the Puppy unfit for sale. In that case, the Breeder will take the Puppy back and refund the purchase price in full, providing that: 

The buyer is to provide a written statement of the veterinary findings. They detail all the issues the veterinarian has found, including confirming the Puppy’s identity through the Puppy’s Microchip number. It is verified as adopted through the breeder Labradoodles by Cucciolini. The Puppy returned to the Breeder within seven days of the date of sale. The buyer must return the Puppy in the same condition and state of health as when sold.

When you think of adding a Labradoodle to your family, please ask yourself if you are genuinely ready to commit to the time needed to raise and look after a puppy and the money required for vaccines, food, and training. Adopting a puppy consists of many stipulations above; if you are ready and have thoroughly researched for information on caring for a puppy, we wish you all the best in inviting a Fur Friend to your family. They will bring much joy, and their rewards are fantastic for your health and well-being. They are so lovable. 

J) Labradoodles by Cucciolini will only offer our puppies to homes where they will take full responsibility for the Puppy. If unforeseen issues arise and you cannot care for the Puppy, we will help the buyer in re-homing the Puppy. Under no circumstance will the purchaser release Labradoodles by Cucciolini Puppy to a Shelter. 

We will never judge anyone for having to re-home their Dog. In life, many changes can arise in the blink of an eye, with people getting new jobs, getting sick, passing away and more. We are here for you and offer a Lifetime of Guidance and assistance if your fur baby needs it in its new home. 

K) We will do our best to find a loving family home for the Puppy. We will not take a puppy/dog back to re-home, but we will help re-home via our Social Media outlet, through friends and family and send a suitable family directly to you. It protects our home and premises from disease or germs and will also be less stressful for the Puppy. We also require you to do the same in helping your Puppy find a new home by posting on your social media or any other outlet to assist in the search for a new family.

L) We reserve the right to decline to sell any of our puppies or adult dogs to a prospective new owner for whatever reason. Our number one priority is the absolute well-being of our puppies!

M). Price of our puppies is $2,450.00. Reserving a puppy requires a $600.00 deposit deducted from the balance. 

N) Our Reservations are accepted with a NON- REFUNDABLE deposit in the order the deposits are received. The first deposit paid will give our customers the first choice of a puppy & the second deposit paid will have the second choice etc.

O) If you need to cancel the puppy reservation for the scheduled time, you can move the deposit for a puppy selection to our next litter. This method can be applied from one litter to another for a maximum of 1 year. 

P) The deposit is non-refundable as this is through no fault of the Breeder or Puppy.

Q) Deposits or Balances are paid through E- Transfer to [email protected] using our generic password: Labradoodles Deposits are  NON – Refundable. Our deposit for a puppy will be necessary upon completion and approval of the Application Form at https://labradoodlesbycucciolini.ca/adoption-application-labradoodle-puppies/. The balance is then payable upon the scheduled day and time of pickup.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please us at [email protected].