Is Chocolate Safe For Dogs

Is Chocolate Safe For Dogs?

Dogs love our food, but not all food is safe for dogs. Is Chocolate Safe For Dogs? High consumption – especially is Toxic. Suppose you are eating Chocolate while sitting on the couch, and your pup finds a small part of the Chocolate on the floor. Eating Chocolate can be detrimental to your dog’s health, so you must immediately take the dog to the hospital if you experience vomiting, trembling, fever and more.

If you ask dog owners if there are foods never to feed dogs, Chocolate is the answer that is toxic to all dogs. 

But it’s not always like that, as people say! It depends upon the number of chocolates at a time and the dog’s weight. There are examples where dogs are just sick after eating Chocolate, and their owner doesn’t notice anything weird in their pal’s behaviour.

What is the answer to: can dogs have Chocolate?’

Before we get to the answer, we will describe why dogs eat Chocolate.

The ingredients in chocolates are theobromine and caffeine. Chocolates are very Toxic to dogs and dogs’ digestive systems as they slow down in animals and can slowly absorb methylxanthines and theobromine, causing death in dogs.

The Two can slow down the digestion process of your dog. It takes almost seventeen hours to digest chocolate molecules properly. So, can dogs have Chocolate? The answer is, No!

The concentration of Theo-bromine and Caffeine in chocolates varies from different varieties. You may find that some chocolates contain more caffeine than other brands. The more caffeine and theobromine in Chocolate, the harder to digest! The darker the Chocolate, it increases the two ingredients which make it more toxic.

Side effects of Chocolate

If your puppy consumes some accidentally, you might notice some common problems that may occur after having chocolates; 

  • Diarrhea
  • Your dog may have a breathing problem.
  • Abnormal heartbeat.
  • Is Urinating frequently. 
  • Swelling
  • Skin irritation
  • Bellyache.

These symptoms are noticeable if your dog is having difficulties. You may find several examples of dogs who died after having chocolates on the internet. Extreme amounts of methylxanthines are dangerous to your dog.

It is toxic and life-threatening to older dogs, as older dogs often go through breathing problems once they have eaten Chocolate.

How much Chocolate can kill a dog?

The seriousness of chocolate poisoning depends upon the darkness and quantity of the Chocolate, which is rich in theobromine. Every ounce of dark Chocolate contains fifty-six percent of theobromine.

One ounce of milk chocolate contains forty-five percent of caffeine. Caffeine is another toxin for your dog and takes a long time to digest, causing problems like stomach aches and extreme bloating, causing the dog discomfort.

However, consuming a small amount of Chocolate is not fatal, but the sugar and caffeine make Chocolate an unhealthy deadly treat for any dog. There are times your dog may have pancreatitis after eating Chocolate.

A fifty-pound dog can feel sick after having just 1 ounce of baker’s cooking chocolate and feel ill after having nine ounces of milk chocolate. It is an approximate amount, so it is best to keep it away to stop serious issues from arising.

Precautions against dogs eating Chocolate

The first thing is to call your veterinarian and consult with him. He advises that taking precautions is always a good idea before an emergency.

Your vet may induce vomiting depending on the amount of Chocolate your dog has consumed. Usually, if the vet gives the dog activated charcoal, this can bring out excessive toxins. Sometimes the vet will provide IV fluid to reduce the risk of chocolate poisoning and to hydrate the puppy after excessive vomiting.

f your veterinarian is not available, contact a 24-hour emergency veterinarian. There are also many websites where you will have the option to speak with a Veterinarian online. Some websites help you when you need to provide details of your dog’s age, weight, height and the Chocolate your dog has eaten.

Prevent your dog from eating Chocolates

Even a tiny bite of milk chocolate to a big dog will not cause anything wrong. However, keeping Chocolate far away from your small dog will cause destructive issues and kill your dog. 

Keep Chocolates from your Dog.

The easiest way to prevent any dangerous situation when your dog eats chocolates is to keep this creamy Chocolate away from your dog’s reach.

Keep chocolates high on a shelf where your dog cannot reach them, or you can keep chocolates in a closed-door kitchen cabinet.

There is hazardous on Christmas, Easter, and New Year when you get so many chocolates. When you eat the chocolates, you may throw chocolate wrappers into bins. 

“Leave it” Command.

This comment, when used, is a great word to train your dog not to have random things. While walking on the road, you may wonder if your dog always tries to eat whatever it finds. It happens to everybody.

Train your dog to say “Leave it” is easy to teach. Your dog will remember when you consistently use the command “leave it,” and when your dog is trying to eat something randomly on the street or even on the floor in your home, you will need to remind him by using the Command.

Once you remember this Command, your dog will remember it for the future, so it can avoid the dire consequences of having Chocolate and feeling ill.

Can dogs have Chocolate Ice cream?

Chocolate ice cream is not suitable for dogs. Ice creams also have sugar and fat, which are unhealthy for dogs and can cause cancer. Ice cream contains a large amount of cream and milk, which causes dogs to feel bloated. Most dogs are lactose intolerant, and ice creams as treats are not suitable for dogs. So, if you still have questions, ‘can a dog have chocolate ice cream? The simple answer is NO!

It takes many ingredients to prepare chocolate ice cream; the process makes it a problematic food that takes work to digest. 

Can dogs eat Chocolate?

The answer is, No! As we discussed, Chocolate is not acceptable for dogs; also, the more Cocoa, the darker the Chocolate will be; Dark Chocolate is extremely dangerous to dogs.

Humans can metabolize theobromine, but dogs cannot! It slows down their metabolism and can lead to many diseases.

Chocolate is fatal to dogs. Instead, feed your dogs healthy foods, NO chocolate.