Labradoodle Grooming Ontario

Labradoodle Grooming Ontario

Labradoodles should have their hair brushed twice weekly, have their ears and teeth cleaned, and their nails trimmed. The puppy’s coat does not shed and will begin to cause hair to mat if not brushed a minimum of twice weekly. Brushing the puppy coat out thoroughly from the new adult hair is necessary. It could be an excellent time to consider a good clip to ease the amount of brushing and formation of mats.

Immunization prior to Grooming

It is essential to take your puppy to the groomer early so he will be comfortable with the process when he is older. Once your Labradoodle puppy has complete immunizations, you can take it to the groomer. Up to this point, handling and brushing your puppy every day will prepare him for his first trip to the groomer. 

Let the groomer know you have a puppy and want to have a visit to introduce your puppy. Even for your Labradoodle Grooming Ontario to meet and have a nail clip might be enough to start a good, calm session with a groomer. Follow-up visits can begin to include a simple session of brushing, washing, drying, nail clip and ear hair removal. Dog Groomers Ontario will be thankful for the puppies short visits; every three to four weeks so the puppy can get accustomed to all the sounds and sensations of the touching and the trimmer until he is ready for a full clip.

Grooming Accessories Needed

  • Styptic Powder for accidents
  • Blunt-tipped (Round Ended Scissors Ear & Nose)
  • Thinning Shears – (for Matted hair)
  • Shampoo (Oatmeal Shampoos & Conditioner)
  • Protein Hair Detangler
  • Ear Cleaner Pads
  • A slicker brush is needed to remove Mats 
  • Ear Powder (Excellent gripping properties for finger or instrument hair pulling) 
  • Grooming Table, including the Grooming Arm with attachment 
  • Metal Comb with Wide and Narrow Teeth
  • De-matting Tool
  • Nail Clippers
  • Andis Clippers and ( #10 blade & #30 blade)

Labradoodle puppies will need grooming maintenance bi-weekly, including Ear Cleaning, Brushing, and Check Nails for clipping. Creating routines to get the puppy accustomed to grooming will ensure the puppy will not have issues in the future with infections within his Ears, Nails growing too long, causing problems with walking and skin dryness, itchiness and infections. 


Labradoodles must have baths and be brushed through once a month to ensure the skin and hair mats are free from dirt. Use a natural, gentle shampoo & conditioner and rinse out thoroughly. Before bathing your Labradoodle, brush coat completely first; otherwise, mats will be tough to comb through when wet.


When thinning a Mat, ensure to use thinning shears; this will help take it apart for easy brushing, combing, and gently working out the mats.


We recommend using a Professional Hair dryer on your Labradoodle to make drying faster. You can also brush and comb when your dog is close to dry.