Can I Visit the Puppies/Parents?

Can I Visit the Puppies/Parents?

It is challenging for the mama after birth to allow strangers to visit as she takes care of her new family members. It emphasizes newborn dogs. Remember that you are among many people getting a young puppy.

Our home is a beautiful place for our moms to receive excellent care, training and the puppy’s socialization. We are very busy with our family, especially when the puppies are here. Safety and routine for our puppies are essential for raising healthy, well-balanced dogs for your family. Please be considerate of the security of our dogs and puppies.

Allowing consumers to hang out with the brand-new puppies would interfere with the mother’s routine: her consumption and caring for young puppies and her capability to produce sufficient milk for puppies that can be affected as the Mom is very protective of the young family. 

Infections as well as Diseases

Any newborn puppies can quickly pick up a contagious illness, which would not be healthy if we allowed entry into our home. Most diseases, as well as allowing people with shoes as well as clothes, could bring in viruses. The entire litter of newborns could die from the highly contagious virus, especially parvovirus, which can kill a puppy immediately. Parvovirus is an unpleasant illness with a high mortality rate if caught. We will never risk subjecting our dogs and young puppies to diseases that can kill our animals.

Young Puppies are very Fragile.

Your young puppy is not the only puppy in our care. Think of just how you might feel if a customer that intends to see their puppy gets into the nursery and brings in viruses that could be detrimental to their health that can cause the whole litter to die. Your puppy could also die.

Even if we allow a customer to visit the pup does not suggest the pup’s wellness or the service you will undoubtedly obtain throughout the puppy’s lifetime is optimum. It is best to research a breeder’s reviews; we understand your excitement and will always guide you and your new Labradoodle Puppy.

Pup’s immune systems are very fragile. Many unsuspecting visitors have brought diseases (parvovirus, distemper, etc.) with them when visiting pups, resulting in the death of an entire litter. Several breeders have lost whole litters to parvovirus brought in by visitors.

A new mother is in protective mode over her puppies. When a stranger visits, Mom becomes stressed, causing her body to create cortisol, which enters the milk and causes puppies to drink the milk and become stressed.

How can we keep all puppies safe? 

When moms are frightened, they can hurt the puppies. When a stranger visits, Mom’s emotion changes quickly to protection mode. She feels threatened and moves fast to assess if there is a threat. Many times moms have crushed a puppy because a strange visitor entered our home’s whelping room and frightened our Mom.

Once puppies are adopted, my job is to ensure all puppies are protected. As guardian of other people’s dogs, I must do everything I can to protect them. If one of the pups was yours, I’m confident you would expect me to do that for your pup.

We only allow visitors once puppies have been vet-checked and immunized at eight weeks.

Permitting we don’t have any unvaccinated puppies on the premises at the time of the request and if Covid 19 is on the rise, not to mention other Viruses that would be detrimental to the health of our Moms and Precious puppies. 


I have created a puppy list for you to shop and prepare for your fur baby’s arrival while you wait for your puppy. Preparing for the appearance of your Labradoodle Puppy will be exciting, and it will take willpower to contain yourself from purchasing many items in Pet store! 

Newborn Puppies

Puppies are very delicate and rely on their Mom to provide immunity for the first eight weeks of life. They are too small to receive immune boosters (vaccinations) from our vet until 7 to 8 weeks of age. Puppies need three vaccines to enjoy the outdoors and socialize with other dogs. As long as they are completely vaccinated and healthy. 

Doggie Parks

We recommend not taking your puppy to a doggie park with young pups and waiting until they are one year old). Due to young puppies not being vaccinated until 7-8 weeks of age, they are at high risk of getting very ill, which can lead to sudden death very quickly. 

Stresses & Viruses

Many factors can cause an illness that can be stress-related, viruses that can come in contact with the shoes or clothing of visitors, over-handling the puppy, and even stress in their mothers. Our Dams love meeting new families, But it can be very stressful for them as they care for their young puppies, and exposing them can harm the puppy’s life. We will not take any chances with our precious dogs and their families.

You will need Toys, Food and a Crate.

  • There are many stimulating products on the market these days. We suggest toys that will help the puppy to keep busy. The KONG Toy, which can be stuffed with treats to ensure your puppy is entertained for hours. They are safe and very durable.
  • Crate: Many brands on the market will accommodate your furry friend. I suggest a 42-inch that will accommodate the Labradoodle puppy as he matures into adulthood. 
  • Indoor Octagon Play Pen. All puppies love a secure place to play with the many durable toys. It is an area where the puppy can be left alone during your shopping spree and not worry about what he will get into that is dangerous and can hurt him. When buying the octagon gated pen, you will need to place a non-print newspaper in the event the puppy needs to eliminate, water to ensure he is hydrated, and a towel where he can rest until you return to take him outside to play. 
  • Puppy Food. The Labradoodle Puppy will start on Royal Canin Medium Puppy Kibble from the moment they eat

Conclusion: Your puppy is not the only puppy. We will protect your puppy, including all of our puppies, from stress and disease brought on by high traffic. It takes work to keep a puppy happy and healthy. I cannot imagine a life without our Furry Friends. Labradoodles enrich our lives and give us that unconditional love always!